Mold in the Home and in the Workplace

In Southern California, many homeowners and businesses assume that mold is not a concern because of our warm, arid environment. However, mold spores are rugged survivors and will seek out moist, micro environments anywhere moisture appears on a regular basis. The most common places are bathrooms and kitchens in homes and work areas in businesses that utilize water in their everyday operations.

Problems can become increasingly more acute as the age and exposure of a structure increases. Behind walls and inside ceilings and floors, these spores enjoy an undisturbed environment where they can reproduce and multiply, while homeowners and business owners pay little or no attention to their growing dominance. Eventually, they can reach a stage of growth that people begin having mysterious health problems that may perplex physicians and diagnosticians. Unknowingly, people begin treating their symptoms with experimental drugs and treatments. However, what if we could simply reduce or eliminate your symptoms by reducing your exposure to the allergens or contaminants that are causing your symptoms? Some refer to this strategy as a natural allergy cure. I refer to it as my Particulate and Aeroallergen Reduction/Elimination Strategy (PARES)

Having a professional mold inspection of your home or business should be a high priority if you suspect that you may have a problem. Sneezing, coughing, headaches and a variety of other symptoms may arouse your suspicions. A professional inspection by a specialist in this field can be far less expensive, and a lot more effective, than repeated medical visits, not to mention the wasted time in your pursuit of a permanent solution. After all, you deserve to live and play in a healthy environment. Don't miss an opportunity to live a full, healthy life by ignoring a very curable problem.

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Mold Inspections

Mold inspections have become an important part of healthy home and business practices.


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